Besides focusing on our Care Package Project, some of our team took part in Famine Relief and a Medical Camp for a number of villages in Kirinyaga County. With consecutive failed rains and increasing drought, many face hard times with food and water shortage. Over 800 families received food packages and medical care.

FACT BOX --  By 2022, 17% of Kenya's population is below the International Poverty Line and living on two dollars a day. This means that over 9 million Kenyans live in extreme poverty. Some of the causes include lack of clean water, access to basic health care, inequality or social injustice and lack of access to jobs.


In 1995 our family came to Kenya as volunteers and took over the registered Relief Organization Family Care Missions in 2003. Since then, we have been providing voluntary services in teamwork with Kenyan colleagues to the poorest of the poor in marginalized areas and slums of the country.

Throughout the years, many volunteers from Europe have also come for a few months. Franz, Iris and Sally -- as well as the founders of the schools and orphanages with whom we work hand in hand -- form the core of the work.

We also have a team of local helpers on the ground who are busy mobilizing, distributing supplies to those who are bedridden and who check on the Self-Help Projects Family Care has sponsored.

Your loyal support continues to ensure the success of our mission with people in need, for which we are very grateful. THANK YOU!


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