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Counseling and Training, Sourcing Sponsorship for School Lunches, School Fees, Books and Medical Needs for children in various Village Schools and Orphanages, providing urgent Nutritional Needs for vulnerable people living with HIV/AIDS and for Single Parents and Teenage-led Households.

Feeding Program

Good nutrition is difficult to maintain for disadvantaged families struggling to provide the basic essentials for their children, those who are ill and bedridden as well as the elderly who live in poor areas of town, ...

Care Package Program

This is a project where hundreds of needy families -- many of them HIV/Aids or cancer patients -- the elderly and widowed women who live in poor areas of town, receive monthly nutritional food rations in form of 10 to 15 Kilo ...

Training & Counseling

Training our volunteer members in counseling and community service has proven to enhance the attendees’ professional lives. Hands-on field trips are being arranged which teach new volunteers to organize Feeding Programs, ...

About Family Care Missions

Family Care Missions is a registered Charity in Kenya since 2001 and is comprised of full- and part-time volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to helping the underprivileged and disadvantaged of society. Our volunteers locate worthwhile projects in an effort to raise awareness and sponsorship for the “poorest of the poor”. FCM provides services such as raising funding for school lunches, school fees, books and medical needs for children in various village schools and orphanages in the region.
FCM´s Volunteer Work and Community Outreach Projects are solely financed by well-wishers and personal sponsors and we would greatly appreciate you joining us in the effort to reach out to poor and needy families.

News Updates

Volume 2, 2021


Weekly Food Ration Packages -- Ensures food security for a number of families who suffer from…

Volume 1, 2021

WHAT YOUR SUPPORT ACCOMPLISHED DURING 2020 Your help made it possible for our faithful volunteers to weekly distribute hundreds of kilos of Food Aid in Marginalized Communities. The…

Volume 4, 2020

Dear Friends, We would like to extend our heartfelt THANK YOU for your continued support towards our Aid Work, which has been a great help to those in need, especially…

Latest Blog Posts - Reflections

May 27, 2020

When All Stands Still

By Iris Richard When a pandemic enters our lives, when all around us morphs into a state of uncertainty and chaos, it is natural to succumb to fear, anxiety, and worry. Even though all of us are affected in one…

April 12, 2020

Five-Minute Favor

Willie and the Five-Minute Favor By Iris Richard We were just finishing up the distribution of fifty ten-kilo care packages to poor people—most of them widowed or disabled—in a hall at the edge of one of the largest slums in…

March 27, 2020

From Humble Beginning

Countless stories and parables are being told of ‘small beginnings’ that lead to greater ends and this is how my own small-beginnings-story began. It was a comment from a stranger that got me thinking about a change of direction for…