Dear Friends,

We would like to extend our heartfelt THANK YOU for your continued support towards our Aid Work, which has been a great help to those in need, especially during this time of hardship.

Our weekly Ration Packages reach into the homes and huts of the elderly, jobless single mothers, those who struggle with cancer, HIV Aids and TB, as well as the disabled.

The recipients of the Food Aid and Hygiene Supplies are often moved to tears and are most grateful. Sadly the after-effects of Covid have left countless already poor families stranded and without the bare necessities for living.

We have heard many sad stories of children who have to make due with one sparse meal per day and malnutrition is starting to have a serious effect in those young lives.

Through your donation we are able to put together Nutritional Food Items such as Uji porridge, atta, beans, rice, dengu, sugar, tea, cooking fat, as well as cleaning and hygiene needs. For those who are bedridden, the Packages are being delivered by our faithful volunteers.

Your giving is touching many lives and makes a big difference to those who continue to receive the help. We are praying that God will bless and keep you safe during these challenging months.

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