Care Package Program

This is a project where hundreds of needy families -- many of them HIV/Aids or cancer patients -- the elderly and widowed women who live in poor areas of town, receive monthly nutritional food rations in form of 10 to 15 Kilo Care Packages.

A comment from one of the recipients of this food said:

My husband hasn’t found work lately and our food supplies have dwindled. Without sufficient food we cannot take our medication as it´s strong and irritates the stomach. Two days ago we had our last meal and since then have sent the children to bed with just a cup of water. Our neighbor gave us a bowl of Uji (maize porridge) yesterday, which we shared. When we received the news to come to meet you today, I had to cry when I saw the big food packages you handed out. It truly is an answer to prayer and my children will be so happy.

This is just one account of the desperate need many poor families are facing and we are grateful for your support which assists us in helping the poorest of the poor.

Our Projects also raises awareness of the needs and conditions of the people and much needed sponsorship.

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