Through your faithful support, dear friends, we are able to continue to reach out to the most vulnerable of our society. With the help of our faithful volunteers we distributed over three tons of sustainable help throughout March and April. The ongoing drought and rising food prices are particularly hard on Kenya's lower-income population. As a fact, for years, there has been too little rain in large parts of the country and already in 2019 the government declared a state of emergency due to drought. Subsequently in 2022 yields of important products, such as wheat, have failed due to a lack of rain.

This is making the country even more dependent on imports, with 90% of the wheat Kenya consumes coming from Ukraine and Russia. Therefore, the war between the two countries also reaches the Kenyan population. Extreme price increases in the cost of living -- as well as oil and grain -- makes life extremely hard for people who already live at the poverty level. Many suffer terminal illness -- especially the elderly and widowed -- and those who lost their jobs due to the after-effects of the pandemic are hard hit as well. Upon request, Family Care Missions has identified over 300 families who are in dire need of food security, encouragement and psycholgical help.

In times of hardship we provide these families with 15 to 25 Kilo Food Packages -- depending on the size of a family -- and for the Cold Season blankets are being distributed. Furthermore we offer Group and Individual Counselling as well as personal visits to those who are bedridden and unable to attend our meeting places.
Three schools that offer education for children from Informal Settlements also benefit from our Family Care School Lunch Project.

A heartfelt THANK YOU goes to our friends and well-wishers who make this work possible. We count ourselves blessed to be able to continue to offer services to those who are mostly forgotten in their suffering.
Greetings, Your Family Care Team

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