Dear Friends,  

      This letter comes with a heartfelt ‘THANK YOU’ for your support which made the ‘Buckets of Love’ and the Christmas Packages for hundreds of families possible again.

      Your help brought rays of sunshine into poor homes and warmed the hearts of mothers and children who received the gifts with joy, clapping and dancing. Many touching comments were shared as well. --  Reflection: “The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow. Do it anyway!”

Since the beginning of the year, a new group of 40 widowed families profits from our ‘Care Package‘ Food Aid Program.  Most of the women lost their partners due to sickness, such as HIV/Aids, cholera, malaria or due to work related accidents on sites that lack safety measures. The Buckets of Love‘  turned out to be help in time of need, since many of the families were flood victims.  Huts and belongings had been ruined or even swept away by streams that turned into rivers overnight. We greatly appreciate your continued support towards our Family Care Aid Work in marginalized communities. God bless you.

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