Dear Friends,

Many thanks for your faithful support towards our Family Care Missions Aid Projects. In April FCM organised a Health and Hygiene Program for mothers living with HIV/Aids. The program entailed a Group Counseling Session (answering a myriad of questions), a talk on simple Sickness Prevention and Sanitation and lots of relevant Information Material on the subject.

Each family then received a Health Kit containing vitamins, water guard, disinfectant, condoms, pain balm, de-wormers, etc., plus a 10 Kilo Food Package with cereal, powdered milk, rice, flour, beans and margarine. The women are very grateful and send a big THANK YOU to ALL who made this program possible.


As part of the Health Awareness Program, the Children´s Garden Home (Orphanage & Rescue Center in Dagoretti) and the Stev-In Junior School in Kangemi received De-Worming Medicine for a total of 400 children and staff.

Since each of the schools were in urgent need of First Aid Supplies for minor injuries, we presented them with a comprehensive First Aid Kit, which we will be re-stocking regularly.

Below: Health Campaign led by Iris (Counselor) and Sally (Community Health Worker). During Group Discussion with mothers from poor neighbourhoods who face great challenges lots of progress was made in sickness prevention.


Peris Anyango (25 years and orphaned) has been battling with cancer over three years. Family Care Missions and well- wishers have been supporting her treatment as she has been in and out of hospital. During our last visit Peris said,

”All your help, prayers and support -- both financial and morally -- have made my life worth fighting for. Through your kindness, I feel that God cares for me.”

Peris bravely fought this prolonged battle with cancer, but beginning of the year, unfortunately, the cancer had been spreading to her stomach and lungs.

She passed away after Easter. Her smile and cheerfulness will always be remembered. -- RIP Peris

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