New Hope Orphanage

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New Hope Orphanage

Family Care Missions has assisted the orphanage which now houses over 200 children since its onset in 2000. The Center receives regular food donations which are instrumental in keeping the children fed and healthy. Also donations of building materials, blankets, school supplies, clothing etc. have been donated throughout the many years.

FCM has been able to introduce various sponsors to the Project in the effort of making life better for orphaned and abandoned children in the rural area of Uplands.

Recently New Hope ventured into a new project: The Grandmother Village! Here poor, abandoned old people who before lived in cardboard houses along the Nairobi-Kampala Railway can now have better shelter. Through donations of various sponsors, simple one-room stone structures have been built one by one. FCM's food donations have also been providing the necessary support for these old folks. Their lives have been touched by someone who cares!

New Hope Orphanage Gallery

“There is a wonderful law of nature that the three things we crave most in life--happiness, freedom and peace of mind--are always attained by giving them to someone else.” -- Peyton Conway March

“No person was ever honoured for what he received. He was honoured for what he gave.” -- Calvin Coolidge