No Challenge Too Great

By Iris Richard
The voices seemed muffled as I slowly woke out of the anesthesia following a medical procedure on my back.
I heard the doctor’s gloomy prognosis: “She might not be able to live a normal life and certainly she shouldn’t have any children with a serious back condition..

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The Jug of Oil and The Fuel Tank

One of my favorite Bible stories has also been a guiding light to me since I first started working as a volunteer in foreign lands back in 1978. Over the years since then, it’s served as both a promise I could depend on and a nudge I couldn’t ignore.

This is how the story goes: God had..

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Five Ways To Relax

Every morning I wake up and
board an express train leaving from Fast Track Station. As I speed along life’s
rails, I stare out the window and think. Where has the time gone?How did my children manage to grow up
so quickly? Now it’s happening to my grandchildren. I catch my reflection..

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Moving On

Steve had been a cheerful little boy
with big brown eyes, curly blond hair, and a dimple that appeared on his right
cheek every time he smiled. He had dreamy eyes, and often sat by the window to
gaze at the rain, the clouds, or the birds.

“He has been kissed by an angel,”..

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Our jeep bumped along the rugged trail that was going to bring us to the main road and back home to Nairobi, after a successful humanitarian aid project in a distant rural area of Kenya. My thoughts were already travelling to the busy week ahead. The next project was around the corner and needed to..

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Creating Space

I decided “better late than never” and ventured into something new and long overdue: at age 50-plus, I registered for lessons at a local driving school.

To my horror, during just my second class, I was taken to drive in the chaotic Nairobi traffic.

“Try to create space around your..

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